LJB name
Artist's Statement

"We all belong in one tribe - just different shades of brown" - the words of an Aboriginal Wurundjeri Elder. Humanity is awakening to this universal interconnectivity.

My visual language derives from a variety of painterly processes combining figurative, abstract and symbolic mark making. My work alludes to the mystery and unicity of nature and the transference of energy within it, drawing on universal concepts that can be perceived in the art and philosophy of esoteric and mythological teachings.

I have a background in dance, yoga, neidan, and illustration. In 2014 I gained a Degree in Fine Art & Humanities and have been painting professionally ever since.

I find inspiration from the natural world, people, and meditation. Through painting, I hope to draw attention to humanity's interdependence with both the tangible and intangible aspects of our magical universe, while reflecting my interest in nurturing the mind, body and spirit.